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Dear Indiana Child Care Providers -

After 18 years of serving Indiana's early childhood education community, The Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral (IACCRR), will be closing its doors on April 29, 2016. Our statewide programs and services will be transitioned to Early Learning Indiana's Partnerships for Early Learning team. We have worked closely with them to assure uninterrupted services to you and your communities. Your local CCR&R agency will remain in place, and will continue to be a local resource for you. You may continue to visit www.iaccrr.org for Training Central and other online resources, or contact our Consumer Education Office at 1-800-299-1627.

As we become aware of any additional information that may impact services you have previously obtained through IACCRR, we will be sure to notify you.

Farewell, from the IACCRR Board of Directors and Staff