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Paths to QUALITY™


CCR&Rs support families to raise healthy children by...

  • talking with parents one-on-one
  • understanding the delicate balance of family life, particularly for low-income families
  • understanding that finding high-quality child care is just a first step to raising happy, healthy children
  • by offering workshops, hot lines, and newsletters
  • reaching out to parents with trusted, local information that enables them to make informed choices

CCR&Rs build the supply of child care by...

  • providing an entry point to the child care field
  • helping providers meet licensing requirements
  • supporting providers by offering low-cost or free training in diverse topics like health & safety, child development, and sound business practices
  • working with local and state governments and the private sector to leverage resources for building and maintaining the supply of quality child care

CCR&Rs improve the quality of child care by...

  • providing ongoing professional development opportunities to child care providers and staff
  • supporting accreditation programs
  • helping create financial incentives for education
  • advocating for better compensation for providers
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