Changes in CCDF rules - July 1, 2015

Important new child care laws are going into effect. All unlicensed child care programs receiving CCDF funding will be impacted by the new laws. This includes registered ministries and legally licensed exempt programs (LLEP), both home and center-based that choose to accept CCDF vouchers. Remember - you must meet these additional standards effective July 1, 2015 in order to continue to receive CCDF funding. These changes do not affect programs who are licensed.

Change can be overwhelming. We know this, so we are here to help.

If you are an unlicensed child care program receiving CCDF funding, you should have received 5 letters in the mail describing the new changes. Here are links to each of the letters in case you missed one (to download them scroll to the bottom of the page):

Below, you see some icons that will take you to places on this page where you can find more information about that particular topic. Of course, we are always just a phone call away. Your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency can help you get training, find sample policies and documents, and help you make sure you are successful throughout this process. Please contact us – you can find your local agency on the map and call.  There are staff trained and ready to assist you.  

There are changes in the rule about these 5 things:



Scroll down or click on the picture to find information on this page.

You will find links to websites, sample policies, and resources you can download. Each of these links has something to offer, and some can help you in more than one way. What is it that you need help with?  


Resources for Safe Conditions Policies:

Resources for Daily Activities:

Resources for Nutrition:

Resources for Group Sizes and Ratios:


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