The network uses a specialized database which enables the collection, analysis, reporting, and distribution of comprehensive and accurate data related to child care supply, demand, quality, and cost. This data supports market rate analysis, state and national data reporting and informs economic development efforts. IACCRR responds to a variety of customized data requests.




Indiana Child Care Facts 2011
  Most recent child care data for the state of Indiana - 2011 Fiscal Year
   - pdf/ChildCareInAmericaFacts2011.pdf

IACCRR’s Annual Report
  Overview of IACCRR’s service for 2009-2010 Fiscal year
   - Annual_Report-MECH03scrn.pdf

County and SDA Data
  Child Care Data for each of the 11 local CCR&R agencies
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_1_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_2_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_3_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_4_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_5_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_6_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_7_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_8_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_9_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_10_Final.pdf
   - Child_Care_Data_SDA_11_Final.pdf

Parents and Child Care in Indiana 2012
  Parents and Child Care in Indiana 2012




Child Care Bulletin Issue 35, Winter 2009, Building Partnerships for Children and Families
  Each Child Care Bulletin issue includes practical, informative articles based on current literature regarding topics important to policymakers, child care providers, and parents.
   - Child_Care_Bulletin_Issue_35.pdf

2008 Child Care Capacity
  Child Care Capacity breakdown by state and type of care
   - 2008_Child_Care_Capacity.pdf

2008 Price of Child Care
  Average Annual Fees For Full-Time Child Care by state
   - 2008_Price_of_Child_Care.pdf