IACCRR provides businesses throughout the state with access to information, resources and professionals in order to help them offer services and support to families with young children. IACCRR works with businesses to identify employee needs, summarize a thorough community audit of existing resources and conduct a cost/benefit analysis on proposed programs. IACCRR coordinates a statewide network of local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies to offer options to address the work life issues for your workforce, in your communities.

IACCRR offers this support to businesses because when the private sector is willing to improve the lives of families and children, we are closer to fulfilling our mission. For more information about how IACCRR can help, please contact Beth Eiler, CEO,



Back-up / Sick Child Care Arrangements

Employer provides arrangements, programs, or funds with a child care facility to provide back-up child care for their employees' children if the primary caregiver is unable to provide care or if an employee's child is ill and cannot attend their primary care situation.



Before/After School Programs and Summer Care Programs

Employer provides arrangements, programs, or funds with a child care facility to provide before/after school care and/or summer programs for children.



Compressed Work week

Employees work a standard 40 hr work week in less than five days. For Example, four 10-hour days.




A strong network of child care options is a necessary infrastructure for working parents. Therefore, your company should investigate partner companies in the community interested in forming a consortium to address child care related needs.



Dependent Care Account with Employer Contribution

This account allows employees to allocate salary for child or elder care on a pre-tax basis and employer matches a portion of the contribution.



Dependent Care Account without Employer Contribution

This account allows employees to allocate salary for child or elder care on a pre-tax basis and employer does not make any contributions.



Employee Assessments

Initial tool to analyze the bottom-line cost that child care has on your employees. IACCRR Specialist can come on-site to administer internal survey. Data will be analyzed using SPSS software and a full report issued back to your company.



Flex Time

Core work hours are 9am - 3pm with starting and ending times varying based on the employee's preference.



Flexibility with Tenure

This policy, formal and informal, indicates that a new employee must prove him or herself first on the job before being considered for flexible work policies.



Flexible Spending Plan

Flexible spending plans allow the employee to decide how he or she would like to distribute benefit dollars.



Intergenerational Care Centers

Companies that are balancing a mixed workforce of aging baby boomers and younger working parents find an intergenerational care arrangement can fill the need of a large capacity of the workforce. Intergenerational care centers provide child care as well as elder care services.




Employee shares a position's responsibilities with co-worker where salary and benefits are adjusted accordingly.



Off-site Child Care Center or Network

Child care facility or network provided by employer via special arrangement with an employer-sponsored or third-party facility or network.



On-site Child Care Center

Child care facility provided by employer which is located on employer's corporate property. The site would work toward accreditation.



Parenting Education

To be offered to employees before work, during lunch or after work and sponsored by the employer. For example, visibility booths, newsletter articles, parenting seminars or paycheck stuffers about child care issues.



Part-time with Benefits

Employee eligible for partial or full-time benefits while working part-time.



Phase-Back for new Mothers

Working new mothers returning from maternity leave are eased into their full work responsibilities gradually.



Reserved Slots

Address the child care needs identified by your employees that are leading to lost time through unscheduled tardiness and a lack of production. Through partnering with existing resources by reserving slots, your company can greatly increase the bottom line without a great expense.



Sick Child Days

Employer allocates paid time off or a specified number of days off, which can be used to take care of a sick child.



Sliding-Scale/Direct Subsidies for Child Care

Funding allocated by the employer for employees with children to offset the cost of child care.




Employees work from a designated workspace within his or her home or in an off-site location one to five days per week or month. The employer may provide some or all of the equipment and technology.



Vacancy Checks / Enhanced Referrals

Contracted service to simplify the process of locating quality child care that meets the criteria of your employees.



Work/Life Committees

Employee committee that surveys employee needs and recommends Work/Life policies to satisfy those. (We can provide survey samples.)